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Our Law Office has had an exciting and busy year! We are looking forward to the New Year and we hope you are all too. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays in general!

Michael and Tiffany Rogalin

This has been a year of troubles, but we must remember the blessings among the trials. Michael Paul Rogalin, Lawyer, P.C. is celebrating its 25th Anniversary being in business. A special Congratulations goes to Michael P. Rogalin who is Celebrating 40 years of service in the Legal Field in Oklahoma. 
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   This month we are celebrating Michael P. Rogalin’s 40th year milestone as an Attorney in the State of Oklahoma and beyond! His areas of practice span from Oil and Gas Law to DHS Court cases. He loves his work, especially helping people and businesses. Michael P. Rogalin plans on practicing for many years to come to serve the community of the State of Oklahoma. 

   Call our Law Office for a free consultation and hire Michael P. Rogalin, the best Attorney in Oklahoma!

07-15-2016-  Visit us at our Law Office located at 228 Robert S. Kerr, Suite 950 (Court Plaza), Oklahoma City, OK 73102

12-02-2015- Author, Tiffany Rogalin- Book Signings
When: Daily During Business Hours

About the Author:


            Author, Tiffany Rogalin, spent most of her late teens and twenties pursuing a career in classical music as a concert violinist and violist. Her overall experience being very tumultuous for her, she began writing fictional stories loosely related to true events during her music education and professional life to share with others.

            When she was growing up, she read a lot of books. Trying to read anything and everything that she could get her hands on while a child, the first books that she read by herself, were dictionaries and encyclopedias. This leading to her love of historical fiction, she has based many of her stories on current events which she enjoys turning into Christian science-fiction adventures. She especially likes to write about God versus psychiatry.

            She has a passion for speaking against injustice and discrimination which is portrayed in her stories. Her belief that people have a right to believe in religion and science at the same time and the right to believe in religion over science has greatly motivated her writing as well. A strong point that she likes to portray is her belief that psychiatry shouldn’t be practiced without religion.

            Mrs. Rogalin’s stories really show how people initially have a hard time accepting disastrous or terrorizing events until they see and experience action, a change in thinking within themselves and those around them and time. So, the characters in her books are always trying to figure out what is happening and are always willing to try to stop or change what is happening if it seems the people they love and care for are in danger.

            When she isn’t writing, Mrs. Rogalin volunteers her time serving at her home church in Oklahoma City and works in the field of law with her husband Michael, a prominent attorney in Oklahoma. She and her husband love spending time with their four Poodles and the other pets in her family including a Maine Coon cat and a Parakeet.

08-17-2014-  Our Law Office is finally moving! Find us at 228 Robert S. Kerr, Suite 950, 

Oklahoma City, OK 73102 this week! 

The building is located on the SouthEast corner of Robert S. Kerr and Harvey and due East of the Oklahoma County Office Building. 

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